Earth Day 2010

Today, April 22nd, 2010, marks the fortieth anniversary of Earth Day. Today the world is in greater peril than ever: climate change is the greatest challenge of our time, perhaps the greatest challenge of the human history.

Do not think climate change is something far away. Climate change is not going to spare us, our home and our beloved. It’s going to affect our economy, our jobs, our food, our quality of life, the region where we live, the temperature, the weather and the seasons. The list of impacts is endless. It’s going to affect the lives of our children and the world they inherit.


tells us that to prevent some of the worst impacts we need to keep average global temperature rise well

below 2 °C.

To achieve this, industrialised countries have to cut their overall greenhouse gas emissions by 40% below 1990 levels by 2020. And developing nations as a whole need to reduce their projected growth in emissions 15-30% over the same timescale.

We can’t change the science, of course, but we can change the politics. Because climate change, this great danger, this great challenge, also presents an unprecedented opportunity to build a sustainable, clean energy economy. That would be the greatest Revolution among all the revolutions we produced in history.

What we can do is to act now, to change our habits, to reduce-reuse-recycle, to get involved in whatever way we can, to spread the word, to build a mass-rooted movement of citizens around the world in order to press our ruling classes and corporations to drastically change the economic policies. Now. Only starting real sustainable development practices now we can be sure to avoid the catastrophe.

Saving the Nature we can save ourselves. Otherwise, we shall face the disaster.

Let’s act now, sisters and brothers!


Alessio Fratticcioli

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